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    • Jian Yoo    Artist, Founder
    • Jian Yoo uses mother-of-pearl as the main ingredient for her artworks. She delivers the light of mother-of-pearl across diverse genres and methods by employing an array of colors and techniques.
      Her artworks mostly utilize the materials comprised of the traces of time, such as mother-of-pearl, wood, feldspar, and more. This stems from her belief that connecting the creative works with the existing objects can stimulate fresh inspirations. She also aspires to ensure the continuous evolution of the existing objects by linking them with the modern era.
      Her artworks demonstrate that materials from different eras can unite in harmony. For example, she adds artistic value by engraving mother-of-pearl into antique furniture which was originally designed around the 1930s-40s. She also adopts the motif of mother-of-pearl obtained from a precious cabinet inlaid with mother-of-pearl produced 40-50 years ago, in order to commemorate its allure and history and also to interpret it in a contemporary language.
      Her artworks focus on engraving the glistening charm of mother-of-pearl in objects to unravel them in modern perspectives and designs. In doing so, she strives to preserve the originality of the objects, yet at the same time introduce revived values to them through the intervention, modification, and conversion of materials.

      Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA
      -BFA in Interior Design

      2020   'Moonlight', Helen J. Gallery, LA, USA
      'From Many, One', Culture Object Gallery, New York, USA
      SOFA Intersect Chicago 2020 Digital Fair
      Downtown Design Dubai Digital Fair
      Maison & Objet Digital Fair, Paris, France
      2019   'One by Jian' Exhibition at Gallery Meme, Seoul, Korea
      Maison & Objet Digital Fair, Paris, France
      Participated in the Downtown Design Dubai 2019, Duabi, UAE
      2018   Participated in the Louvre museum Art Fair ‘Art Shopping 2018’, Paris, France
      Exhibition at Galerie New Image, Paris, France
      Exhibition at KCDF window gallery "One by Jian"
      2017   Participated in the exhibition “Luminosita millenarian, Nagion & Ottcil”
      -Instituto Culturale Coreano, Rome, Italy
      -Museo Diocesano di Albano, Italy
      -Korea Cultural Center Budapest, Hungary
      2016   Accepted into the 8th Buddhist Design Competition
      Guest Lecture for Craft · Business Design Education at KCDF Namwon region
      2015   Patented Earthenware pottery designs
      Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF) Re-United Exhibition- “Natural, Artificial and Inspiration”
      2014   Participated in Domaine de Boisbuchet Design+Architecture workshops in France
      2013   Patented Writing utensil cases, Tea sets, and Picture Frame designs to Design Trademark/ Copyrights
      2012   Awarded Silver Prize in the 42th Seoul Handicraft Competition
      Awarded Special Recognition in the 42th Korean Craft Competition
      2011   Patented the Star Pattern as Design Trademark/ Copyright
      2008   Exhibition at Steelcase, New York, New York
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    • 靑奉 Chulhyun Yoo    Artist, Director
    • Cheong Bong Chulhyun Yoo entered the wood lacquer industry in 1978 and imported · applied the Japanese Maki-e technique to Korea.
      He has been loved by many for his traditional yet distinctly Korean designs which incorporate the special dynamism and vibrancy found only in Korean masterpieces.
      Yoo is a master craftsman who has designed and gifted lacquerware for world-class designer Anna Sui and other renown national and international dignitaries and has worked tirelessly to cultivate the revival of Korean Najeon Chilgi.

      2020  Intersect Chicago 2020 Digital Fair
      2016  Awarded Special Recognition in the 46th Gyeonggi-do Craft Competition
      Awarded Special Recognition in the 46th Korean Craft Competition
      2015  Awarded accolades for Ingenuity and Originality in the 45th Seoul Best Handcraft Competition
      2014  Awarded Bronze Prize in the 44th Seoul Handicraft Competition
      Awarded Special Recognition in the 44th Korean Craft Competition
      2012  Awarded Participation Prize in the 42th Korean Craft Competition
      Certified as an official Korean Craft Masterpiece
      2008  Craft Exhibition at Millennium Hotel Doha
      2007  Customized furniture for ‘Tuscany’ Plaza Hotel’s Italian restaurant
      Manufactured furniture for Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel’s Casino
      1996  Customized NajeonChilgi furniture for Anna Sui
      1992  Held the 1st Korean Traditional Craft Furniture Fair
      1987  Customized NajeonChilgi furniture for the guesthouse of the Korean Presidential Residence
      1978  Entering the Korean lacquer industry
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    • Jeong Zik Seong    Artist
    • Jeong Zik Seong (b. 1976) is a Korean female painter in her 20th year as an artist and a mother of three children.
      She has established herself as a painter in Korea with her series of 'Semidetached Houses' which she has produced since 2003.
      She came to be known to the public for her paintings that depicted urban landscapes with her unique abstract brushstrokes, such as 'Constructive Abstract(Construction Site Abstract)', 'Blue Collar/Blue Color(Monochrome)', and 'The Mechanic' series.
      She had to move around as often as forty-three times to find a cheap house for rent each time. She rendered this experience in the series of 'Semidetached Houses' which interpreted the row house districts of poor hillside villages in Seoul in geometric and abstract shapes. 'Constructive Abstract(Construction Site Abstract)' series, which emphasized the act of drawing and erasing, is an interpretation of the rapid dismantling and re-building of redevelopment areas in Seoul, which she witnessed while moving around frequently.
      She rendered the workplace of laborers with her 'Blue Collar/Blue Color' series that aimed to create abstractions that reflected the dynamic rhythm of life of the blue-collar class, and 'The Mechanic' series that interpreted the ‘workplace’ of the car mechanic with rhythmic brushwork.
      Pieces of night plum blossoms in 'Winter Flower' series depicted people’s wish and hope, symbolized by candlelight rallies.
      The green monochrome works in 'Green Pool' series represented the ravaged soil of Korea following the controversial four-river refurbishment project.
      With the recent 'Contemporary Mother-of-Pearl Painting' series, Jeong Zik Seong has been exploring the relationship between the change of the four seasons and the changing aspects of natural landscapes and the symbolic expression of art, and making use of the technique of lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl from the perspective of flatness and objecthood of painting.

      2000 Seoul National University, BFA
      2005 Seoul National University, MFA
      2012 Seoul National University, completed course for DFA

      [Selected Solo Exhibition]
      2020  "Special, Specific Objects", Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      "The Mechanic", Maison’d Lee Ungno, Hongseong, Korea
      "Shines In the Dark", Gallery Art Delight, Seoul, Korea
      2019  “On the Read of the Winds”, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2018  “In Bloom”, Sejong Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2017  “The Mechanic”, Leeahn Gallery, Daegu, Korea
      “Green Pool”, Jaha Museum, Seoul, Korea
      “Green Pool”, Jaha Museum, Seoul, Korea
      2013  “Jeong Zik Seong“, Mimesis Art Museum, Gyeonggido, Korea
      “Under Limited Conditions”, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2012  “Artist of Today 2012-Jeong Zik Seong”, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea
      2011  “Liquid Machinery”, Moin Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2010  “Cross and Pause”, Johyun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      “Operation”, Art Factory Gallery, Gyeonggido, Korea
      2009  “Jeong Zik Seong”, Johyun Gallery, Pusan, Korea
      2008  “Megamachine”, Kim Jinhye Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2007  “Hidden Corner”, Space A-Chim, Seoul, Korea
      2006  “Amorphous Construction”, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

      [Selected Double Exhibition]
      2020  “The 24 Divisions: Jeong Zik Seong / Kim Tae-gyu“, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2014  “Danse Mécanique: Jeong Zik Seong / Hong Seung-hye”, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      “Waiting for Apricot Flower Blossoms: Jeong Zik Seong / Jo Jong Seong”, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea

      [Selected Group Exhibition]
      2020   "The 10th International Yeosu Art Festival 2020", Yeosu, Korea
      "Art Park: Reopening Exhibition", Gallery Art Part, Seoul, Korea
      "Painting", Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Gyeonggido, Korea
      2019  “Seoul Art Show 2019 Special Exhibition: Flash Art”, COEX, Seoul, Korea
      “Triangle/The Beginning of Contemporary Art”, MOKA, Gyeonggido, Korea
      “Physical Possibility of Aesthetic Daily Life”, Sueno339 Space of Art, Seoul, Korea
      2018  “Reading Spaces”, Sejul Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      2017  “The Painting Show”, Goyang Aram Nuri Museum, Gyeonggido, Korea
      2016  “Craving Colors”, 63 Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
      “Questioning Sustain Ability: The Museum of Art Seoul National University 10th Anniversary Project”,
      Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
      2014  “Tomorrow 2014”, D.D.P., Seoul, Korea

      [Selected Award]
      2012  Today’s Young Artist Award 2012, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Korea
      The 1st Etro Fine Art Prize, The Grand Prize, Etro, Seoul, Korea
      Today’s Artist Award of 2012, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea
      2009  Selected Artist for New Artist Project of 63SkyArt Museum, HanHwa63City, Seoul, Korea
      2005  The 1st GAna Now Art Prize, Runners-up Prize, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
      Selected Artist of the 27th Joongang Fine Arts Prize, Seoul, Korea

      [Public Collection]
      National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, Gyeonggido Museum of Modern Art, Jeju Museum of Art,
      Art Bank of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Mimesis Art Museum,
      Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Hanhwa 63 Art Museum, YWCA, Jeondeungsa, Hyundai Moter Company,
      Shinsegae Department Store, Lotte Department Store, KTB Securities Company, Etro, Sejong Hotel, Jejuolle