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    • Jian Yoo    Chief Designer
    • Designer Jian discovered the hidden allure and modernity within traditional Korean crafts, and is an artist who unravels and re-envisions the charm and sophistication in unprecedented ways. It is important to Yoo that her designs coincide with the fundamental principles of artisanal craft; therefore, she aspires to design products that are used in everyday life, as well as, products that are practical and malleable so that their worth and artistry can naturally permeate throughout our lives.

      Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA
      -BFA in Interior Design
      Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), New York, New York, USA
      -Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design

      2008   Exhibition at Steelcase, New York, New York
      2011   Patented the Star Pattern as Design Trademark/ Copyright
      2012   Awarded Silver Prize in the 42th Seoul Handicraft Competition
      Awarded Special Recognition in the 42th Korean Craft Competition
      2013   Patented Writing utensil cases, Tea sets, and Picture Frame designs to Design Trademark/ Copyrights
      2014   Participated in Boisbuchet Design+Architecture workshops in France
      2015   Patented Earthenware pottery designs
      Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF) Re-United Exhibition- “Natural, Artificial and Inspiration”
      2016   Accepted into the 8th Buddhist Design Competition
      Guest Lecture for Craft · Business Design Education at KCDF Namwon region
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    • 靑峰 Chul Hyeon Yoo
    • Cheong Bong Chul-Hyeon Yoo entered the wood lacquer industry in 1978 and imported · applied the Japanese Maki-e technique to Korea. He has been loved by many for his traditional yet distinctly Korean designs which incorporate the special dynamism and vibrancy found only in Korean masterpieces. Yoo is a master craftsman who has designed and gifted lacquerware for world-class designer Anna Sui and other renown national and international dignitaries and has worked tirelessly to cultivate the revival of Korean Najeon Chilgi.

      1978  Entering the Korean lacquer industry
      1987  Customized NajeonChilgi furniture for the guesthouse of the Korean Presidential Residence
      1992  Held the 1st Korean Traditional Craft Furniture Fair
      1996  Customized NajeonChilgi furniture for Anna Sui
      2007  Manufactured furniture for ‘Tuscany’ Plaza Hotel’s Italian restaurant
      Manufactured furniture for Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel’s Casino
      2008  Craft Exhibition at Millennium Hotel Doha
      2012  Awarded Participation Prize in the 42th Korean Craft Competition
      Certified as an official Korean Craft Masterpiece
      2014  Awarded Bronze Prize in the 44th Seoul Handicraft Competition
      Awarded Special Recognition in the 44th Korean Craft Competition
      2015  Awarded accolades for Ingenuity and Originality in the 45th Seoul Best Handcraft Competition
      2016  Awarded Special Recognition in the 46th Gyeonggi-do Craft Competition
      Awarded Special Recognition in the 46th Korean Craft Competition