From Product Planning and Design to Production and Custom Packaging.…
Arijian specializes in made to order products that are created by adding design to years of culminated expertise and skill which is then completed through hours of meticulous labor by master craftsmen.

  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class Welcome Kit
  • Special Gift to Chanel’s head designer Karl Lagerfeld
  • Commemorative Gift for Panda’s State visit
  • Traditional Multi-Herbal Medicine Special Package
  • Special Order
  • History & Tradition, Professional Artisanal Spirit, Artistic Value, and Rarity. Arijian is Korea’s leading luxury artisanal craft brand that fulfills all requirements of a luxury brand. Like a luxurious reward to yourself, our ‘Special Order’ services are designed with you in mind and specially catered to your individual tastes. Special Order products are born from hours of skilled and meticulous labor by Master Craftsmen, and therefore, limited to our Furniture and Props line.
  • Corporate Special Order List
  • Chunsam (Heaven Grade Ginseng, 天蔘) VVIP Packages for Korea Ginseng Corporation 'Cheong-Kwan-Jang'
    VIP Gift Set for Woori Bank’s Corporate Clients (Headquarter)
    Gift Box for Haevichi Hotel
    Hanyang University's Souvenir Gift Set
    VIP Client Gifts for KIA
    Najeon Chilgi (lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl) Award Certificates for Namyangju City Hall
    Thanksgiving Gift for Kangwon Land’s VIP Clients
    Samdawon Gongjin-dan’s (traditional multi-herbal medicine) Special Package
    French luxury jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels’s sample gifts for VIP clients
    Grand Opening Commemorative gifts for VVIP Clients for Lotte Department Store's new Indonesia Jakarta location
    Grand Opening Commemorative gifts for VVIP Clients for Lotte Department Store's new China Chengdu location
    VVIP gift for LOTTE'S Grand Open (Shenyang, China)
    Mercedes-Benz Maybach S Class Welcome Kit
    Special Gift to Chanel's head designer Karl Lagerfeld
    Exhibition Leaflet Holder for Louis Vuitton's Exhibition
    Wood Trays for KwangJuYo
    Giftware for Samsung Foundation
    Special Gift to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
    Commemorative Gift for Panda’s State visit to Samsung Resort, Everland
    And More
  • Home Decor Styling Services
  • Arijian’s custom Interior Design and Home Decor Styling services provide a more personalized and special living space. Our custom services move beyond simple furniture design and expands to include space utilization, product placement and styling, and other services necessary to complete a classy and polished look for a more unique and livable area. We use the deep and rich colors of the wood lacquer with the brilliance of the mother-of-pearl to create a space that is not only eco-friendly but serene and elegant. Arijian designs for homes, businesses, public institutions, religious organizations, and etc, and our use of natural materials and display design create a unique and luxurious space. We constantly strive to provide utmost customer satisfaction with our personalized design and styling services catered to fit individual needs
  • Home Styling with Handcrafted Furniture
  • Featured in the Magazine Gold & Wise
  • Lobby Murals for Hotel Lotte Jeju
  • Featured in the Magazine Luxury
  • Home Styling with Handcrafted Artworks
  • Interior Styling with Handcrafted Furniture