• Brand Arijian
  • Engrave Exquisite Light.

    Arijian is an artisanal hand-crafted luxury brand, inspired by traditional crafts ensconced in Korean elegance.
    Our products are defined by exquisite designs and refined craftsmanship, and we add modern sophistication to traditional craft techniques in order to create a range of trendy pieces that preciously accommodate the modern lifestyle.

    The history of Arijian began with the opening of the studio to produce cabinets inlaid with mother-of-pearl, tables, and life goods by Yoo Cheol-hyeon in 1978. At the Traditional Korean Craft , the former Arijian, artisans who were equipped with outstanding skills created dynamic and delicate works unique to Korea with diverse materials and their works were loved by so many celebrities including the high class at the time of the economic development of Korea in the 1980s to 1990s.

    Building upon this tradition, Jian Yoo, an artist and his daughter who had been active in a variety of genres such as interior design and graphics, launched “Arijian,” a brand defined by her name. Arijian means “to engrave beautiful light” and is the combination of the word “ari,” referring to “beautiful” in Korean, and the word “jian,” referring to “engrave light.” This also implies the oeuvre of Arijian that engraves the resplendent light of the mother of pearl in the sphere of contemporary design and space.

    The materials of the mother of pearl are natural shells such as the abalone and the conch, and were utilized by the craftsmanship skills that had already reached their peak in the Goryeo Dynasty around 1,000 years ago. In studios and by artisans managed by the country, this high-quality culture created the bottom drawers of the royal family, the luxury goods of aristocrats, and gifts to the Chinese royal family. Accompanied with a long-established history and beauty gifted by nature, the mother of pearl becomes art itself with the radiant color and when carved and polished. As a gemstone becomes a jewel when carved and polished, the mother of pearl becomes flowers and birds in skillful hands crafted by years of experience.

    Arijian preserves such heritage. At the same time it embodies “the unique modernity of Arijian” that expresses the inherent properties of materials in the most beautiful way and adopts the designs that fit into the contemporary life style, and thereby it goes beyond the scope of simple furniture and presents the beauty of its artworks.

  • Philosophy
  • Exquisite Design | Product designs vary in style (Modern, Vintage, Antique, and etc.) and strive for artistic merit
    Refined Craftsmanship | Handmade products created with passion and perfection by master craftsmen
    Familiarization | Practical and artistic products designed for day-to-day use and incorporation of craftwork into our daily lives.
    Harmony | Pioneering new prospects for handicrafts by challenging innovation and revolutionary harmonies between different material, fashion, nature, and harmony with handicraft.

  • CI
  • The Exquisite Light of Mother-of-Pearl that Begins with a Circle

    The circle, which emblematizes Arijian, not only reveals the elegant hues of colors but also signifies light. The iridescent light that is engraved only through the delicate and refined craftsmanship of Masters is the hallmark of all Arijian products. The three circles emphasized in our Corporate Identity (CI) holds our commitment to superior products as well as our desire to harmonize with customers and business to create new design trends and generate new cultures.

  • Color
  • The Softness within Modern Lacquering

    Black- A soft, classic color that best expresses the subtle mystery amidst the rich depth of lacquer. The subtle luster radiating from black varnish exudes a luxurious and enchanting elegance, while using opulent gold, cool silver, and shades of gray as accent colors express a futuristic yet subdued sophistication and modernity.

  • Pattern
  • The 6 Warm and Shining Light Created by Nature

    The patterns use Arijian’s identity the halo as a motif to portray rays of light. Each pattern expresses the various ways light radiates and shines. From traditional to modern, Arijian is a lacquer specialty brand which embraces a wide range of styles and the diverse patterns signify our innovation and expertise.

  • Material
  • Mother-Of-Pearl
    The mother of pearl is made through the processing shells of abalones and conches. As seen in its name, it accentuates splendor and clear beauty under soft lighting. The natural mother of pearl that exhibits various colors and radiance is far more precious and priceless since it cannot be simply obtained when or wherever you want due to social and environmental changes and regulations. That means the natural mother of pearl created in high quality and different types by Arijian, which has been aware of the importance of the material since its inception, has the most competitive edge and treasures.

    As the saying goes, “Ten years is an epoch.” While what surrounds us including the social structure, environment and lifestyle changes over the course of time, the colorful and radiant light of the mother of pearl never changes in spite of the passing of time.
    Uncovering the shaded traces that highlight the length of time, we can see that radiant light, which has been long covered over time, brightens as it does in nature. This is why we call the mother of pearl a “permanent jewel.”
    The mysterious and profound attraction of this natural material provides a uniqueness that allows every piece of artwork to become one-of-a-kind in the world.